What is startup Cambodia?

Startup Cambodia is an online, interactive and collaborative platform that aims to provide easy and free access to accurate, up-to-date and valuable information, as well as data, in regards to the startup ecosystem in Cambodia.

The platform covers 3 different objectives – Connecting, Supporting and Informing.


How can I access to the Who's Who Database

The Who's Who database is accessible only to Startup Cambodia members. No worries, it's totally free to become a member and it will take you less than 1 minute to sign up.


Why does Startup Cambodia exist?

Startup Cambodia came to life because the founders of GIC realised that there were two majors gaps to fill; the need for more information and support to be accessible towards our talented youth innovators and the need for more identification and connection amongst the various existing stakeholders in the flourishing ecosystem.


Why does Startup Cambodia exist? (2)

The platform's existence is also backed up by a market study conducted within a pool of 500 participants, consisting of males and females aged 18 - 35 living in Phnom Penh and in the Cambodian provinces. The study showed that there is a strong entrepreneurial mindset present amongst Cambodians, with about 89% in Phnom Penh and 96% in the provices of those surveyed stating their interest. Additionally, when respondents were asked if they would visit a website that had information about starting up a business in Cambodia, about 96% (Phnom Penh) and 87% (provinces) of respondents answered 'yes'. For more insights about this market study, please click here.


I want to contribute as a volunteer, how can I help?

You can help us with many things such as submitting an event, telling us more about your startup project, alerting us with latest news in the local startup landscape, telling your entrepreneur friends to register their businesses as well, etc. Just drop us an e-mail and we can see how we can work together! 


I want to contribute as a business entity, how can we help?

We are always looking for new partnerships for several reasons:

1) Resources: We feature and highlight our partners' original content such as articles, studies, testimonies, business canvas, etc. If you are an original creator of content related to entrepreneurship, business practices, seed-stage funding, regulations, etc. we would love to hear from you!

2) Events: We always want to be involved in the Cambodian startup community and are open to explore any event partnership for which we won't hesitate to leverage on our offline/online communities.

3) Database: You would also help us a lot if you register or edit your company profile with the most up-to-date information.


Who is behind Startup Cambodia?

It was created by Geeks in Cambodia (GIC), the first online media in Cambodia that is 100% focused on startups and new technologies. The platform features daily content pertaining to technology, mobile, digital trends, social media, and startups. With local, regional and international content, GIC draws unique and dedicated readers on a daily basis. 


How can I register my company?

It is simple! Go to the Who's Who Database and fill out the form provided. Once done, our team will review your submission before uploading it onto our platform.


How can I edit my company profile?

If there is a mistake or oversight in your company information on our database, you can either submit the form on Who's Who Database with the correct information or drop us an e-mail. Our team will review your input and get back to you, if necessary.


How many times the database is updated?

Our mission is to keep Who's Who Database up-to-date as much as possible.


I don't want my company to be listed, how can I remove it?

Just drop us an e-mail with your company name and the reasons why your company should not be listed, and we will remove it from the database.


What are the eligibility criteria to be featured on the database?

Here are the main criteria to get listed in our database:

For any stakeholders:

1) The Company must exist and have a legal activity (Small Operations included). We do not reference ideas or concepts.

2) The Company must have a relationship with or is operating in the Cambodian startup ecosystem.

For Startup only:

1) The Company must not necessarily be related to the technology industry;

2) The Company must have less than 40 employees;

3) The Company is working towards innovation, development, deployment, and commercialisation of new products, processes, or services driven by technology or intelectual property;

4) The Company is at the early stage in its life cycle where the entrepreneurs involved have moved from the idea stage to securing financing, laying down the basic structure of the business, and initiating operations or trading.